Getting Started with Diet Power
Goals, Setting Your
Weight, Logging Your
Weight, Managing Your
Foods, Logging Your
Foods, Creating or Editing
Exercise, Logging Your
Exercises, Creating or Editing
Recipes, Creating or Editing
Nutrition, Managing Your
Records, Managing Your
Graphs, Charts, Reports
Diet Power, Buying and Licensing
Diet Power, Selling
How To...
    Body Mass Index (BMI), Find Your
    Buttons, Switch on and off
    Calendar, Use the
    Calorie Bank, Check Your Balance
    Calories, Earn Extra
    Color Display Settings, Change Your
    Diet Power, Inc., Contact
    Diet Power, Get a Free Trial of
    Diet Power, Purchase
    Diet Power, Reinstall
    Diet Power, Uninstall
    Dictionaries, Search the
    Exercise, Log Your
    Food Coach, Use Your
    Food Dictionary, Abridge or Unabridge
    Food Dictionary, Use
    Foods, Log Your
    Foods, Log Faster
    Foods Rich in a Nutrient, Find
    Foods and Recipes, Name Correctly
    Goal, Set Your Weight
    Graphs, Customize Your
    Help System, Use Diet Power's Online
    Home Screen, Choose Your
    Icon, Install a Household
    Icon, Install a Personal
    Installation Number, Find Your
    Labels, Interpret Food
    Log Off
    Log On
    Menstrual Cycle, Record Your
    Metric Units, Use Diet Power with
    Mistakes, Correct Past
    Nutrient History, View Your
    Nutrient Profile, View a Food's or Recipe's
    Nutrition Quotient (NQ), See Your
    Obese, Find Out if You're
    Password, Confirm after Choosing
    Password, Enter when Logging On
    Personal Daily Allowances (PDAs), View or Edit Your
    Personal Information, Change Your
    Records, Back Up with Travel Bag
    Records, Locate Your
    Records, Move with Travel Bag
    Records, View or Edit Your
    Recipes, Find, Create, or Edit
    Reports, View or Print
    Screen Resolution, Change to Fit Diet Power
    Second Computer, Use Diet Power on
    Skip Days
    Status Bar, Switch On or Off
    Support, Get
    Taskbar, Hide to Make Screens Deeper
    Updates, Check for
    User, Delete a
    User, Enroll a New
    User, Restore from a Travel Bag Backup
    Users, Meet Other Diet Power
    Vitamin Pills, Log Your
    Water Consumption, Keep Track of Your
    Weigh Yourself
    Weight and Measurements, Log Your
    Window, Move a
    Work, Save Your
Support, Getting
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