Icon, Installing a Household

The household icon is a picture of an appleimage\diet0000.gifthat any member of your household can double-click in order to start up Diet Power. The icon is created automatically when you install Diet Power on your hard drive. If you accepted all of the defaults during installation, you'll find the household icon in three places:

(If you didn't accept the defaults, the icon will still be available in three placesbut the last two locations will have the names you gave them, instead of the names suggested by Diet Power.)


Reinstalling the Desktop Icon


If you've erased the household icon from your desktop and want to restore it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the \DietPower 4.4 subfolder, as described above.

  2. Drag the household icon (which is labeled "Diet.exe") out of the folder and onto your desktop. (Windows won't actually move the iconit will copy it and label the copy "Shortcut to Diet.exe.")

  3. If you want to give the shortcut a clearer name:

    1. Click the name "Shortcut to Diet.exe," to highlight it.

    2. Type "Diet Power" (or whatever name you want to give the icon) over the old name.

    3. Press the Enter key.


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Last Modified: 7/1/07