Metric Units, Using Diet Power with


In the Food Log (where you spend most of your time), you can always use metric units: just click the button in the Portion Editor and choose gram or kilogram instead of ounce or pound:



Once you've logged a food this way, you can copy it to your Favorites list, where it will remain in metric units.


You must still log your body weight in pounds, but the button in your Body Log



will open a Help topic that begins with a link to an instant conversion table.


(Help also includes conversion factors for all other metric units.)


Diet Power has thousands of happy customers in countries where the metric system dominates. They tell us that Diet Power's superior power, ease, and versatility more than make up for the inconvenience of conversions.


We expect to add more complete metric capability in future editions. (If you buy now, you'll be able to upgrade at a deep discount. That has always been our policy.)


Please email us if you're interested in a metric version of Diet Power.



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Last Modified: 7/1/07