When you are pregnant, you need more of certain nutrients. If you know you're pregnantor even think you areyour first step after seeing your doctor should be to check the "I am pregnant" box on Diet Power's Personal Information Form. This will automatically make certain changes in your Personal Daily Allowances (PDAs). (If your doctor recommends different PDAs, you can change them. See Personal Daily Allowances, Editing Your.)


(If you're lactating while pregnant, check "I am pregnant" in the Personal Information Form; then ask your doctor to help you edit your Personal Daily Allowances to cover both conditions.)


How Your Personal Daily Allowances (PDAs) Change During Pregnancy


(Note: In the rare event that you're over 50 and pregnant, Diet Power will assign you the PDAs for pregnant women 50 and younger. As mentioned above, however, you can change your PDAs. Ask your doctor.)


(Another note: Until recently, some of the Recommended Dietary Allowances differed from trimester to trimester. This is no longer true, but Diet Power still asks you to specify your trimester in the Personal Information Form, so that it can tailor your Food for Thought items accordingly.)

Pregnancy and Weight Gain


Diet Power's Ideal-Weight Calculator is not valid for women who are pregnant, since standards for weight gain vary. Ask your doctor how much you should gain. Then use the Goal Setter to chart a course toward your recommended term weight.



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Last Modified: 7/1/07