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Most people already know their ideal weight, but you can confirm this by having Diet Power calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI also indicates whether your weight is likely to be a health risk.




The Ideal Weight Calculator is not designed for women who are pregnant. It may also be inaccurate for people who are big-boned or muscular.


And lest you be discouraged...


...realize that the Ideal Weight Calculator doesn't allow extra pounds for age. If you're past 30 or 35, you may get a more reasonable figure by adding 10 percent to the base weight cited under "Where You Should Be." A 50-year-old who calculates an ideal weight of 141 pounds, for example, might prefer a goal of 1.1 times that figure, or 155 pounds.


If your ideal weight seems too low even after you've added 10 percent, realize that it isn't necessarily the weight at which you'll feel most comfortable or attractive. It's merely the weight at which, statistically speaking, the average person's disease risks are lowest. It may not be attainable or even desirable for you as an individual. Ask your doctor.


To calculate your ideal weight:

  1. From the Home Screen, open the Goal Setter by:


  1. Click the tab labeled "Ideal Weight Calculator."

  2. On the Ideal Weight page, your height will have been imported from your Personal Information Form, and your weight from today's Body Log. You can type in different values, however, if you're calculating for a friend or want to play "what-if." These won't affect other parts of Diet Power.

  3. Click the Calculate button. Diet Power will give you a report on your current BMI and suggest an ideal-weight range. It will also tell you whether you are officially overweight, underweight, or obese. (For more on this subject, see Obese, How to Tell if You're.)

A Note About Your Height


This will already be filled in, but if you haven't measured your height in a long while, you might check it again. Ideal weight is very sensitive to height. (Users who are still in their growing years may need to amend their height as frequently as once every two or three months.) Enter your height in your stocking feet, expressed in feet and inches. Use fractions or decimals, as you wish.


To close the Ideal Weight Calculator:


If you want to stay in the Goal Setter, click one of the other tabs at the top of your screen.


If you'd rather leave the Goal Setter, click Cancel or press the Escape key. (If the Cancel button is not visible, see Taskbar, Hiding to Make Screens Deeper.) Diet Power will take you back to your Home Screen.



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Last Modified: 7/2/07