Food Categories


Every item in the Food Dictionary that came with Diet Power is assigned to a food category, and some are put in two or three categories. When you add a food or recipe to the dictionary yourself, the item is automatically put in the User-Added Foods or the User-Added Recipes category, but you can also assign it to as many as two additional categories. (You can also put it in some other category instead of User-Added, but then it won't show up in User-Added category searches¾although it will still have its image\diet0050.gif or image\diet0051.gif symbol.)


(One of the four ways of searching the Food Dictionary is by food category. For details, see Dictionaries, Searching the.)


There are 72 food categories in all. Of these, 70 are basic categories¾

¾while two are the user-added categories:

In addition, you can ask Diet Power to list foods that are especially rich or poor in a particular nutrient. Click here for details.



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Last Modified: 6/30/07