View Menu


The View Menu lets you change the appearance or "view" of certain features of Diet Power. To open the menu, click the word View on your Home Screen. The menu offers these options:




Click this option to make the Toolbar appear or, if it is already visible, disappear. The Toolbar is a row of 23 buttons that offer shortcuts to some of the options on Diet Power's menus. (For details, see Buttons, Toolbar.) You can do everything in Diet Power without the Toolbarall of the options are accessible via the menusbut it can reduce the number of clicks and keystrokes required to get you where you want to go. Its only drawback is that it takes up space on your screen.


Status Bar


Click this choice to make the Status Bar appear or disappear. The Status Bar is a line at the bottom of your screen that displays messages explaining where you are and what Diet Power is doing at the moment. Like the Toolbar, it is helpful but not absolutely necessary.


Choose Home Screen


Click this option to specify what you want on your Home Screen: the Diet Power logo or one of the 40 views of your Body History. For details, click here.



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Last Modified: 7/2/07