Midnight, What Happens After


If you leave Diet Power running past midnight, it won't know that a new day has started. Reason: The program assumes a constant date until it gets a peek at your computer's clock, which it checks only during startup. This has two important implications:

If you inadvertently exit after midnight, before your eating day is finished...


...don't worry. Simply restart the program and follow these steps:

  1. When Diet Power prompts you to enter your weight for the new day, just press Enter to accept the default that's listed (always yesterday's weight). The exact figure doesn't matter, because you'll revise it when you actually weigh yourself the next morning.

  2. Change the working date to the pre-midnight date.

  3. Open the Food Log and continue recording your foods.

  4. Exit from Diet Power just before you go to bed.

  5. In the morning, restart Diet Power and revise last night's tentative weight entry:

    1. From your Home Screen, open the Diet Menu (by clicking the word Diet).

    2. Click "Weight Log."

    3. Type your actual weight over the weight you entered last night.

    4. Click OK or press the Enter key.


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Last Modified: 7/1/07