Diet, Confirming a New


When you click the Adopt Diet button after setting new weight goals, Diet Power always asks you to confirm your decision. Reason: Adopting a new diet will automatically overwrite any diet already in effect, and you won't be able to restore the old diet.


Not everything is lost when you overwrite a diet, however. Here's a brief rundown:


Records you won't lose when you overwrite an old diet:

Records you will lose:

When the "Adopt this diet?" dialog appears:


If you're sure you want to start a new diet, click the Adopt button. Diet Power will substitute the new goal weight, target date, and calorie budget, and take you back to the Home Screen.


If you're not sure, click the "Go Back" button. The "Adopt this diet?" dialog will vanish, returning you to the Goal Setter with your old diet still intact. You can then either revise your goals or simply close the Goal Setter without changing your current diet (by clicking the Cancel button).



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Last Modified: 6/30/07