System Report, Sending Yours to Diet Power


If you have technical problems with Diet Power, you may be asked to email a "system report" to our support team, detailing your computer settings and which version and build of Diet Power you have.


How to Create and Send the Report


1.    Click Help > About Diet Power at the top of your Home Screen. The About Diet Power dialog will open.


2.    Click on the "Build Date" line at the bottom of the About Diet Power dialog. This will a) create a file called SYSTEMREPORT.TXT in your Diet Power folder, b) start up the software you normally use for sending e-mails (if it isn't already running), and c) open a message already addressed to (If the message doesn't open, contact us.)


3.    Attach your SYSTEMREPORT.TXT file to the message. If you accepted the defaults when installing Diet Power on your computer, the file will be in C:\Program Files\Diet Power 4.0. You can also find the file by clicking Start > Search > For Files or Folders and typing in "SYSTEMREPORT.TXT" (without the quotation marks).


4.    Click your email software's Send button.


If you don't know how to attach a file to an email


here's how to do it in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Expressthe email software that comes with most Windows computers:


1.    At the top of the email screen, click Insert.


2.    Click File or File Attachment.


3.    Navigate to the folder containing SYSTEMREPORT.TXT. (See step 3, above.)


4.    Double-click the SYSTEMREPORT.TXT icon. This will attach the file to the email.


5.    Click the Send button.