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At a Glance


Use the Portion Editor to specify the amount of a food you are a) logging as eaten or b) adding to a recipe as an ingredient. The Portion Editor opens automatically when you start to do either.



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B. When Logging by Weight...




C. Clever Use of the "I'm Logging" Field




In Detail


The Portion Editor is a dialog that appears each time you record an item in your Food Log or add an ingredient to a recipe in the Recipe Box. It asks you to report how much of the item you ate or want to add to the recipe, so that Diet Power can calculate the nutrients you consumed or recalculate the nutrients in the recipe. (The Portion Editor also pops up whenever you double-click an item already in the log or the recipe in order to revise the amount you're recording.)


To use the Portion Editor:

  1. In the "I'm logging" field, type the number of units you ate or drank or want to add to the recipe. You can use either fractions or decimals. To enter three and a quarter, for example, you can type in either "3.25" or "3 1/4." (If you didn't weigh or measure the food, the Portion Estimator button will help you approximate.)

  2. If you measured in a unit other than the one shown, click the drop-list button and choose an alternative. The list includes both metric and English measures.

  3. Click OK or press the Enter key. The Portion Editor will vanish and the portion you've entered will appear in the log or recipe.

A Timesaver


The "I'm logging" field will accept any kind of fractioneven one whose numerator or denominator contains a decimal point. This means that if the portion you're recording doesn't match the serving size listed in the dictionary, you can do your math right there in the Portion Editor. Example: You ate a hoagie roll that weighed 5.7 ounces, but the hoagie roll listed in the Food Dictionary weighs 4.8 ounces. No problem: just enter "5.7/4.8" as the portion you had, and Diet Power will automatically log the serving as 1.1875 rolls.


(For more complicated math, you can also use the Windows Calculator while you're working in the Portion Editor. For instructions, see Calculator, Windows.)


To close the Portion Editor without logging a portion...


...click Cancel or press the Escape key. The editor will disappear and the log will remain unchanged.



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